Why a Google Search?

Staying in contact with friends over long distances is one of our most cherished pastimes.  But it can also become a rather arduous one when you happen to lose their contact information from one of your misplaced sticky notes that you so carefully wrote their information to stay in touch on.

Now you begin to start racking your brain, trying to remember where you could of put it, and/or things to tell them when they angrily call you wondering why you haven’t kept up your part in staying in contact.  This is the perfect situation for a perfect solution:  The internet.  There are millions of wonderful sites and programs that allow you to lookup your friends contact information in as little of time as it took to write it down on the stick note in the first place.

If you prefer to Google Search-

Google is regarded as the largest search engine by far, and rightfully so.  It hosts a plethora of information sites to help you locate your friends or relatives in a timely and organized fashion.  Just type in the keywords that you are looking for and that you deep appropriate into the google search bar and they will quickly pull up results that they think relate to your search.

If you decide to use People Directories-

People Directories require you to place some of your friends personal information into one of their search boxes.  A list of names of people that fall under their results will come up and it is up to you to weed them out and see which one is most closely associated to your friends.

If you decide to use a Messaging Network-

Intant messaging is frequented by millions of chatters everyday.  It would be a waste if the messaging services didn’t provide their own means of locating ways for people to find their friends. They put up a convienient “Find People” option in which you enter the friends name acompaning some other minor details and then the databases sets to work. Results that are shown can easily be added to your messaging contacts and be stored their for infinity.

If you want to use a Social Networking Site-

Social Networking websites are undeniably the most talked about and up-to-date approach to do you people search.  The reason being is because most of sites are free to join and to set up your user profile is quick and easy and drama-free.  Social Networking Websites allow you to add additional content from your hard drive (etc. picture and videos) to help to better find the person that you are looking for.

Keep in mind that your results are limited by how much the other person wants to be located or not.  Privacy is the number one feature that is kept in mind by these sites, so don’t get too frusterated and crestfallen when you can’t rely on this type of searching everytime.

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